Dust of Time

In the old days it is was believed that four monsters (aberrations) were flying in rounds infinitely around a big cocoon. There were protecting their creation, there were afraid of it. There were afraid that whatever it was inside of that cocoon it was their doom. Centuries, ages there were flying in the void, afraid that anything could disturb its’ sleep.

The creature inside, was alive and knew about the presence of those monsters outside those walls. He was ready to get out. He was feeling alone inside that cocoon. He was weak, his only strength was hope. But he didn’t knew that those monsters outside where not only afraid from outsiders, but from their own brothers and sisters. Their fear overtook them and each one was cast into deep void trying to protect themselves.

The creature inside, Renos, for aions didn’t hear anything from outside. With all his strength he tried to push the walls, that surrounded him. He use all his strength to be free, free for his loneliness. Finally he broke free, to see that after all those tries he was alone after all.

p. All alone in the endless darkness his hope was his light to survive. That light created that realm that is now known as Eberath. Even though he created that realm he was alone for more ages. He spend years walking around that new realm. It was empty, an endless pile of sand, water, grass and the air that surrounded all of them. He make small idols of himself, he called them sons and daughters. He gave them soul, part of his soul. He bring them to life.

His was happy after all, Himself and his children. He played with them, he created them their own kingdoms. His children, , Aether (Air),Ignis (Fire), Nympha (Water) and Tellus (Earth) build their own creations (river, mountains, clouds, volcanoes etc). The realm belonged to them. After a while they became jealous of each other. In their creation, in Renos’ despair, they inherited they greedy traits from the father. They fought each other, they even created their own children (Minor Deities) as their army. They fought for aions with no result. Their children ask for Renos assistance, while he was drown in sorrow and guilt. He accepted their cry for help and he imprison his own kids in their own personal cell. He gave a second chance to his grandchildren to create a better world, a world where his true beliefs would rise.

The minor deities apart from their personal beliefs they wanted people to worship. They got together and with little pieces of them, they created the mortal species (Humans, Elves, Beastfolks), but in those successful experiments they created and abominations, creatures of the night, enemies of the mortal species. But they believed that a life with troubles is a life worth living.

So, with the end of those experiments, the New Days began.

Dust of Time

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